ASUSTOR Releases Surveillance Center 2.4 Beta

ASUSTOR introduces the Surveillance Center 2.4 Beta, supports Multi-Stream function which optimizes resolution for recordings and online viewing, HTTPS encrypted connections, expanded support for up to 49 camera channels, and comprehensive compatibility for Digitus IP cameras. All users are welcome to download and experience the latest Surveillance Center functions.

ASUSTOR Inc., a leading innovator and provider of network storage solutions, has announced the release of the Surveillance Center 2.4 beta version. This version of Surveillance Center features powerful new features including Multi-Stream support, HTTPS connections, an increased number of supported camera channels and compatibility for camera products from Digitus. The Multi-Stream function allows administrators to manage the resolution of camera feeds during recording and viewing while HTTPS connections provide users with secure encrypted connection method when logging in to Surveillance Center.


Supports Multi-Stream

When adding new cameras, administrators can set default recording and viewing resolutions via the camera resolution options provided. This provides that advantage of maintaining high resolutions for critical recordings while maintaining the flexibility to switch to different resolutions to adapt to users’ device hardware, network bandwidth, and number of feeds being viewed when accessing surveillance feeds online. Currently, 3 different resolution settings are supported.


HTTPS encrypted connections

The secure transfer of surveillance feeds is seen as a critical digital asset. Using a secure connection can ensure the privacy and security of surveillance feeds transmissions. ASUSTOR NAS supports HTTPS connections allowing users to log into Surveillance Center and view surveillance feeds via encrypted connections no matter if they are using Internet Explorer, FireFox or Safari.


Supports increased number of camera channels

In the Surveillance Center 2.4 beta version, ASUSTOR has expanded the number of supported camera channels, with 7 series devices supporting up to 49 channels via purchasable camera licenses. 62, 61, 51, and 50 series can now support up to 25 camera channels via purchasable licenses. The added number of supported channels meets the surveillance demands of small to medium businesses and stores while also providing a large amount of added flexibility for future expansion.

Furthermore, the Surveillance Center 2.4 beta is comprehensively compatible with IP cameras from Digitus, with up to 12 camera models now compatible. As Digitus offers a wide range of products, this integration provides both Digitus and ASUSTOR users with an ideal cloud storage surveillance solution. The Surveillance Center 2.4 Beta is currently available for all ASUSTOR NAS users.