CPU Case

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  1. Cosmos C700P Black Edition copy
    Cosmos C700P Black Edition copy
    NPR 2
  2. RC-K380-KWN1 - NEW
    RC-K380-KWN1 - NEW

    Hardcore gamers and people who multitask for hours on end on their computer system can take a look at the Cooler Master K380 / Window / USB 3.0 Case. It provides fine cooling to your desktop or notebook PCs through its honeycomb and meshes vent on the front panel.

    NPR 14,375
  3. RC-110-KKN2 - NEW
    RC-110-KKN2 - NEW

    The mini-ITX case with front mesh panel and vents on the top and side panels for better airflow
    One 120mm fan in the front (included) and Two 80mm fan on the side (optional)
    Dual Super Speed USB 3.0
    Supports a 120mm radiator in the front
    Supports standard length ATX PSU up to 180mm
    Supports graphic card length up to 210mm
    Ample storage – up to 3 HDDs / 4 SSDs

    NPR 11,625

    Carbon Texture
    Aggressive Intakes
    Edge-To-Edge Transparent Side Panel
    Support for a Total of 6 Fans and Water Cooling
    Graphics Card Support Up to 410mm
    Multiple Trim Colors Available

    NPR 11,875

    Full mesh on the front panel and top with large vents on the side panel for superior cooling
    3 designated places for radiators: 240mm: top, front; 120mm: rear
    Supports up to three 200mm large fans for extreme  airflow with support for up to 9 total fans (KKN1: 9 fans, KWN1: 7 fans, WWN1-V2: 7 fans)
    New ODD tool-less design “EZ tray” for quick installation
    Supports up to 10 SSDs (4 in the removable HDD/SSD combo cage, 1 behind the M/B tray) and 7 HDDs with HDD/SSD combo trays
    Dual Super Speed USB 3.0
    High-end component support – long graphics cards up to 423mm and tall CPU coolers up to 171mm
    Multiple removable dust filters (top, front, PSU) for improved system maintenance
    Top compartment with cover to place personal belongings

    NPR 23,750
  6. K500L - CPU CASING - NEW
    K500L - CPU CASING - NEW

    The sleek and aggressive K500L is proof that your fix for the latest performance and looks doesn’t need to come at a great price.

    NPR 12,500
  7. Master Case 5 - CPU CASING
    Master Case 5 - CPU CASING

    The World's First Mid-Sized Modular Tower with Exterior Expandability. The MasterCase 5 allows you to have absolute control over how your case looks and functions, and that means giving you the option to adjust the exterior structure and aesthetic via a range of replacement panels and doors. Each choice changes the look and feel of the case, but also the flexibility of the interior layout. Leveraging our unique clip-and-click panel design, FreeFormlets users vertically adjust or entirely remove drive cages, allowing for multiple system configurations. The MasterCase Pro 5 - Make Of It What You Will.

    NPR 26,250
  8. Cooler Master CMP 250
    Cooler Master CMP 250

    Cooler Master Chassis CMP 250 Cabinet is a new economic model that features superior thermal solution and easy installation. It comes with a superb airflow design that supports up to 4 fans, including one pre-installed 120mm fan in the front.

    NPR 5,500
  9. RC-311 - NEW
    RC-311 - NEW

    The air vent in the front provides superior ventilation
    Multi-color front panel for individual preferences
    Supports long graphics cards including AMD HD5970 (*Need to removed the HDD cage when installing a graphics card in the 4th slot and below)
    Supports an optional 120mm fan on the side panel to cool the graphics cards
    The 120mm fan in the rear helps to keep the constant cooling
    Bottom-mounted PSU placement and removable HDD cage for improved cable management

    NPR 11,750

    High Flexibility for System Building
    Minimized Dimension with ATX PSU Support
    Patterned Dust Filter
    Clean Routing Space
    Excellent Thermal Performance
    Edge-to-Edge Acrylic Transparent Side Panel
    Vertical and Horizontal position

    NPR 9,375

    TUF Gaming Camouflage Styling
    Full Black Coated Body and PSU Cover
    PSU Shroud Cut Out to show your PSU
    4mm Thick Edge to Edge Tempered Glass Side Panel
    RGB Controller and 1 to 3 Splitter Cable for RGB LED Fans

    NPR 16,250
  12. TROOPER SE CPU Casing

    The edge-to-edge light grey tinted tempered glass side panel provides a clear view of your battle station. Two additional PCI slots at the rear give you the option to show your Graphics Card in a vertical position. Make your system even more outstanding by mounting up to 4 SSD’s in vertical position as well. Equipped with X-Dock, the Trooper SE gives you an easily accessible external 2.5” storage hot swap bay for quick action. Enhanced water cooling support up to 360mm radiator in the front and 240mm on the top, together with the fan speed controller with LED indicator, will ensure your performance will not suffer.

    NPR 36,250
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